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Battle in the Bush is a soon to be released documentary that highlights Australia’s appalling rate of mammal extinction – a trend that doesn’t look like slowing. Predation by foxes and cats is one of the primary drivers threatening the survival of our native mammal species.

Set in the forests of NSW, this film explores the role of dingoes in forests and demonstrates that their removal is having negative repercussions on ecosystems. Daniel asks how far we must go to save our mammal species, and offers one possible solution to bringing our ecosystems back into balance. He looks at the role that Tasmanian devils could play in adding a missing level of resilience to mainland ecosystems.

The documentary is the work of Daniel Hunter, PhD Candidate at the Centre for Ecosystem Science, University of New South Wales in partnership with Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute.

Daniel Hunter

Daniel Hunter

Primary sponsors for the documentary are Centre for Ecosystem Science, Rewilding Australia, Dustin Welbourne and Australian Dingo Foundation, however many other individual donors also donated to help fund the production of the documentary. We will keep you updated when it is released. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer and keep informed of Daniel Hunter’s work at his website or via twitter

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